FYC 2019

On purpose

It can be hard to find your place in the world.  It can be challenging to see the point of all this sometimes.  It can be frustrating to feel like we are always waiting for our moment, waiting for the day when we know what to do.  Waiting for the call to step out.

But we are all created on purpose.  There are no mistakes.  Each and every person was crafted by God specifically to be the person He created them to be.  You are no exception.

But it's bigger than just being created on purpose.  We were created on purpose for a purpose.  God has chosen each and every single person to play an active role in bringing the love of God to the world around us.  We are not called to wait.  We are not called to bide our time.  No mistakes.  No delays.

We are created on purpose for a purpose.  The only question left is, what are you going to do about it?


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Andy Gabruch

Andy Gabruch has been in ministry for over 17 years in urban, suburban, and rural contexts. He has worked with high school assemblies, city-wide youth forums, local church and national leadership boards, and speaks on culture, leadership, and ministry.  He is currently the Next Generation Director for the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada in British Columbia and the Yukon Network.
He has a Masters Degree in Leadership and Management and his heart is to raise the next generation of Church. He partners with his wife in ministry, Annick, and has four children, Isabelle, Joseph, Benjamin, and Samuel.
They like cats.


Take a walk on the wild side this year and come dressed in your finest safari outfit for our theme day. Man or beast, jungle or savanna, hakuna or matata, it's up to you!  Prizes for the most creative and best executed costumes!



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2 black shirts: "Run" & "Heart" and one white: "Hands" 

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Mandela & Alex, AM Sessions
Mandela & Alex, AM Sessions

Mandela - Leading AM Sessions Alex - Nurse

Chris Kim, Activities Director
Chris Kim, Activities Director

Activities Director

Dairn Peters, Head Counselor
Dairn Peters, Head Counselor

Head Counsellor

Cheryl Liggins, Head Counselor
Cheryl Liggins, Head Counselor

Head Counsellor

Derrick Sanderson, Co-Director
Derrick Sanderson, Co-Director
Richard Liggins, Co-Director
Richard Liggins, Co-Director


FYC Throwbacks

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Where is it?

FYC is happening at Stillwood Camp and Conference Center (44005 Watt Rd, Lindell Beach, BC V2R 4X9).  Follow the directions below or click HERE to be taken to the Google Maps page.

From Points East or North:

  1. Travel west on the No. 1 Highway.

  2. Take Exit 119 – Sardis, Cultus Lake. This will be Vedder Road.

  3. Travel south on Vedder Road, through Sardis, crossing the Vedder River.

  4. After crossing Vedder River, turn left at the light onto Cultus Lake Road.

  5. Travel on Cultus Lake Road, past the lake and Aquadel Golf Course.

  6. Turn left on Frost Road (large sign board here).

  7. Approximately 2 km later, you will see a row of mailboxes and our Stillwood sign. Turn left here, onto Watt Road.

  8. We are situated at the end of Watt Road. Welcome to Stillwood! 

From Points West or South:

  1. Travel east on the No. 1 Highway toward Abbotsford/ Chilliwack.

  2. Take Exit 104 – No. 3 Road towards Yarrow/ Cultus Lake.

  3. Turn right onto Tolmie Road.

  4. Turn left on No. 3 Road again.

  5. Turn left at the 3-way stop onto Yarrow Central Road. This road becomes Vedder Mountain Road.

  6. At Cultus Lake Road, turn right.

  7. Follow along on Cultus Lake Road, past the lake and Aquadell Golf Course.

  8. Turn left onto Frost Road (large sign-board here).

  9. Approximately 2 km later, you will see a row of mailboxes and our Stillwood sign. Turn left here, onto Watt Road.

  10. We are situated at the end of Watt Road. Welcome to Stillwood!


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