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You love your best friend, your mom, playing soccer, maybe you love going to the beach or maybe you love pizza or noodles for your favorite snack.  All of that could be true – we can love a lot of people, things or places, but it doesn’t always mean the same thing. 

If you love pizza it's because you enjoy it, how it makes you feel – and it fills you up.  You love it for what it gives you.

Sometimes we love people for the same reason – because of what they can give us, or how they make us feel – but is that true love?  And what even is true love? Where can you find it – where does it come from?

We can look a lot of places, and try to love in a lot of different ways, but the best way to find true love is to go the source, the original, the first love.

God’s Word tells us that he is love and he is truth – God’s love is True Love.


Well that was easy! 

But is it?


God tells us and shows us that his love is patient, kind, free, and for everyone without condition, and it’s sacrifice – God loves with what he can give, not for what he can get.  Do you love your friends, or family, like you love pizza or noodles – for what they give you, and how they make you feel?  Or is love something you give, expecting nothing in return?

Camp is also  non-stop fun!

This year's costume & activities theme is


Remember all the fun you had as a kid?

What was your favourite toy growing up?

Relive all those fun times this summer, with our TOY themed activities and dress up as your favourite toy in our costume contest!

What you need to know

When:  Aug 25 - 30
Sunday 6 pm to 
Friday 11 am

How much:  $540
all inclusive

Register here

(but before you do, check out this year's t-shirt styles down below)

Need more reasons to come?  Keep scrolling!

Anthony Scarcello 
is coming back this year as our guest speaker!!!!

We are excited to have Pastor Tony Scarcello from Open Table Church in Springfield as our special guest at Foursquare Youth Camp again this year!


Tony Scarcello is a pastor, speaker, and writer located in Springfield, Oregon. He regularly speaks at churches, camps, retreats, and conferences. Tony is also hosts Regenerate, a podcast dedicated to having the critical conversations required to regenerate our faith. When he isn’t doing those things you can find him analyzing movies, reading theology, or spending time with his wife Kelsey, friends, and family.

camp tees

your choice from this year's styles



Both styles are available in two colours. 
True Love in dark blue or black, and
1Cor16:14 is available in light blue or white.

Our Team.

Youth Camp has an amazing staff of volunteers and youth pastors dedicated to making your week the best it can be - in every way.  Our staff, counselors and interns are working to make sure you will have a fun, safe and meaningful week with your friends and youth leaders.  Here are some of those people that you can count on 


Jaki Leckman

Head Counselor

TAwny (1).jpg

Tawny Douglas

Intern Director, Hospitality

Matthew (1).jpg

Matthew Crowell

Morning Sessions &

Assistant Director


Keaton Roberts

Head Counselor & Worship Leader

Anthony Scarcello.png

Anthony Scarcello


2015 Youth Camp Headshots-0083.JPG

Richard Liggins

Camp Director


Victoria Williams

Activities Director


Cheryl Liggins

Candy Cabin, Hospitality

Where to be:

Foursquare Youth Camp is at Stillwood Camp and Conference Centre

44005 Watt Rd, Lindell Beach, BC
(near Cultus Lake, BC)



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